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Carcoma / woodworm and other wood boring insects

Carcoma or woodworm in English is the common name given to larvae of various species of beetles that enter wood (beams, furniture and decorative wood pieces), they then chew galleries which damage the structure of the wood, producing a characteristic dust or sawdust called kera.

They feed on wood in their larval stage and there are different types of woodworm, there is the large Carcoma which produce holes in the wood which are about the size of a match head, and the smaller carcoma which produce holes around the size of a hole in a dart board. These are NOT Termites, they are very very different as are the signs. Carcoma is very common on the Costa del Sol especially in “campo houses” this is because the construction involves lots of wood, also pueblo houses built pre 1980s.

Throughout the Costa del Sol, The Costa Blanca, Murcia and Almeria, Carcoma and Termites go unnoticed until the damage becomes obvious and the clients then wonder why they didn’t recognise any signs…this may help:

An infestation of woodworm in buildings and furniture is easy to recognize, but mainly by the tell tail signs that it leaves (holes and sawdust) than by the sight of the insect itself, since its appearance many people do not know. The woodworm colonizes and damages the wood in a state of larva (worm), but just before leaving to the outside undergoes a change to a beetle with capacity to fly. Its lifespan is very short, just a few days it then he lays eggs and dies.

Treatment for Carcoma / Woodworm

Because the Larvae prefer dry to wood and rarely attack live trees and their preferences are the furniture and old constructions, most homes are at risk. The carcoma can do thousands of pounds worth of damage especially where the home is constructed with structural vegas or beams holding up the roof, if this is the case then call us at Termite Doctor for a free survey.

We also offer diagnosis via Whatsapp either by live video streaming or simply send us at Termite Doctor some photos showing areas of concern, and we will advise instantly and free of charge. Our treatments include injection and/ or wood preservative treatments by our own specialist operatives. We cover The Costa del Sol, Almeria, Murcia and the whole Costa Blanca as well as inland campo areas. We offer a full no quibble guarantee, and using our trusted partners we can offer a full joinery or wood treatment and coverings service to protect your home should you require it. We also carry out a range of treatments for other insects that may destroy your wood, ask for details.

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If you have a home or business we even offer a “Diagnose via Whatsapp service” free of cost. Simply send a photograph or video and we will diagnose the problem and if required, give an estimate straight away.

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